The syllabus for the course can be found here. Please ensure you’re familiar with it.


Throughout the semester, all of the assignments will be completed in our virtual enviroment. Please ensure you download the vcenter client and bring your laptop to every class.


We will be utilizing slack throughout the semester. Please ensure you join our slack.

Meet & Greet

Say hello to everyone around you!

The UBNetDef Team

  • Aaron Fiebelkorn
    • 2nd Year, Master of Business Administration
    • “The Golden Child”
  • Alex Mazzei
    • 2nd Year, Management Information Systems Graduate Student
    • friendship manager & full of sparkle
  • James Droste
    • Senior, Computer Science
    • “pretends to know about security”
  • Jered Geist
    • 1st Year, Master of Business Administration; Senior, Mechanical Engineering
    • “just here for fun” 😉