What is UBNetDef?

University at Buffalo Network Defense (UBNetDef) is UB’s Cyber Security class & club. Every semester, we hold several classes to grow students of all skill levels. In addition, we have a subset of students compete in competitions - our Competition Team.

What classes do you offer?

Please see the courses page. Typically we offer an introductory course, one-two intermediate/advance level courses, and a leadership course (owning UBNetDef Operations).

Who can come?

UBNetDef’s beginner course, Systems Security, is open to any interested student. No prior experience is required! For other courses, it will be up the course instructor.

How do I contact UBNetDef?

You can reach current class leadership at the following email: ubnetdef@buffalo.edu.

In addition, we utilize a self-hosted chat solution on the following website: chat.ubnetdef.org - if you would like an invite, please send us an email.